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Puede contactar con nosotros a través de los siguientes correos:

INSTITUCIONAL: ies.santaeugenia.madrid@educa.madrid.org

JEFATURA (Credenciales Roble, Boletines Notas, incidencias Covid-19): ies.santaeugenia.madrid@educa.madrid.org

SECRETARÍA (Certificados, Matrículas, Admisión, EvAU): secretaria.ies.santaeugenia.madrid@educa.madrid.org

PROGRAMA ACCEDE libros de texto: ies.santaeugenia.madrid@educa.madrid.org

1 º ESO B ( 18 - 22 MAY )

This week you have to do the following: 

1. Do the exercises: REVIEW UNIT 8.

a. Student's book page 95. 

b. Workbook: pages 102- 103. 

c. Worksheet about present perfect

2. We are starting vocabulary UNIT 9: sports. Do  student's book page 98: ex.1, ex. 3 (listen and repeat), ex 5.b ( listening). Do  workbook page 104.

3. Extra listening: cycling. Here you have the exercises (cycling) and the listening (cycling). Do and check them (cycling answers).  NOT necessary to send, you can do it and correct yourself! 

4. As I promised, here you have the answers to the logic game! ( logic game key )

5. Send to your teacher before 22 May. 

Etiquetas: 1º E.S.O B